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First gem5 User Workshop
December 2012; Vancouver, BC

The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together groups across the community who are actively using gem5, discuss what is going on in the gem5 community, how we can best leverage each others contributions, and how we continue to make gem5 a successful community-supported simulation framework. Those who will get the most out of the conference are current users of gem5, although anyone is welcome to attend.


Topic Time Presenter Affiliation
Introduction 8:30 AM Ali Saidi ARM
Recent Contributions
Memory System Enhancements 8:45 AM Andreas Hannson ARM
Visualizing stats via Streamline 9:05 AM Dam Sunwoo ARM
User Perspectives
HAsim: FPGA-Based Micro-Architecture Simulator 9:20 AM Michael Adler Intel
VLIW DSPs/MIPS FS mode 9:35 AM Deyuan Guo and Hu He Tsinghua Univ.
Eclipse Integration 9:50 AM Deyuan Guo and Hu He Tsinghua Univ.
Break 10:05 AM
Full-System Workloads and Asymmetric Multi-Core Simulation 10:30 AM Anthony Gutierrez Univ. of Michigan
ARM SoC exploration 10:45 AM Alexandre Romana and Abhilash Nair Texas Instruments
SystemC integration 11:00 AM Alexandre Romana Texas Instruments
Composite Cores 11:15 AM Shruti Padmanabha and Andrew Lukefahr Univ. of Michigan
Customized InOrder CPU Modeling 11:30 AM Korey Sewell Univ. of Michigan (now at Qualcomm)
Cross-Cutting Infrastructure for Evaluating Managed Languages and Future Architectures 11:45 AM Paul Gratz Texas A&M Univ.
Lunch 12:00 PM
Simplifying SLICC via Atomic Messages 1:00 PM Brad Beckmann AMD
Accelerating Simulation with Virtual Machines 1:15 PM Ali Saidi ARM
gem5-gpu: A Simulator for Heterogeneous Processors 1:30 PM Jason Power and Marc Orr Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Breakout Sessions
Breakout Sessions 1:45 PM Breakout Groups
Break 3:00 PM
Wrap-Up/Next Steps 3:30 PM Everyone
Conclusions 4:00 PM Steve Reinhardt AMD


The workshop is co-located with MICRO-45 in Vancouver, BC.


Sunday December 2nd from 8:30 - 16:30.