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We are no longer distributing specific releases of M5 as tarballs. The latest M5 source code (including the alpha-system and encumbered files) is available via our Mercurial repository host at

If you want to download the latest stable copy of M5 without installing Mercurial, you can get a tarball from that site via this link. However, we strongly recommend that you get a copy of M5 by using Mercurial and the instructions on this page.

This page hosts only useful stuff that is not in mercurial.

Useful Stuff Not In Mercurial

Full-System Stuff

  • Alpha
    • Full System Files -- Pre-compiled Linux kernels, PALcode/Console code, and a filesystem
      • Unchanged since M5 2.0 beta 3. If you already have these you don't need them again.
    • linux-dist -- Everything you need to create your own disk image and compile everything in it from scratch
  • ARM
  • X86
    • Full System Files -- The kernel used for regressions, an SMP version of it, and a disk image
    • config files -- Config files for both of the above kernels, and
  • (The script to create a blank disk image that used to be downloadable here is now included in the m5 repository, in the util directory.)


Pre-compiled Cross-compilers

All generated with crosstool for x86 linux hosts/linux targets